The Music Page


xKore – Two Four

xKore – Interstate

xKore – Night Drive

xKore – Morning Coffee

xKore – Time’s Up

xKore – Renegade

xKore – Magnum

xKore – Entropy

xKore – UMAD(Extended Version)

xKore – Killah

xKore – Starve

xKore – Diamonds

xKore – Full Russian

xKore – Event Horizon

xKore – Eden

xKore – Steampunk

xKore – Hello

xKore – Fire 

xKore – Boom

xKore – Domination

xKore – Die Bitch!

xKore – From Nothing

xKore – Beast Mode

Soon more music will arrive! Stay tuned!

P.S. Please report bugs e.g. if the name given here and the link given differ(For example, if you click on xKore – Die Bitch! and the server redirects you to some other song like xKore – Beast Mode. Don’t worry as it will be my problem as I may have pasted link of xKore – Beast Mode on xKore – Die Bitch!)etc. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “The Music Page


Hi Sid nice blog

Raghav Chaturvedy

Sid, xKore domination is not ssupportedby my samsung tab’s default sound player 😐 plz help

    Admin Integra Martin a.k.a. Daniel Hasashi

    Well, its extension is mp3, what extension does your tab use? I could upload another xKore – Domination with that extension.


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