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Integra Martin the hell hedgehog’s mobile’s ringtone lyrics
I’m Integra from the hardass hell yeah.I got the BFG9000….. Oh yeah!Everybody goes straight on me and sayin’ [...]
Q3 models link
Here you a models link,its not the exact but google for it: quake . ingame . de/models/index.php
1. Computer Expert 2.Making Fan movie(s) by Toys 3.Writing on Quake Wiki 4.Playing ‘Into Sandy’s City'(Doom 2 Level 09 The Pit) on my [...]
My favourite games
1.Quake 4 2.Doom 2 3.Doom scource ports 4.Quake 3 5.Wolfeinstien – Return to the castle
My favourite food
My favourite food is (drumroll please…) Boondi ka Raita! 🙂
My Doom wad
My Doom wad’s name is UltraDanger.wad. Story Doom: What is happened to Terry?! Tim: I don’t know. Terry: (Yawning.) What are you talking about? [...]
Hello Everyone!
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