Kyuseishu no Arashi

(A new Naruto series based on Kishi’s manga.)

-Kyūseishu (Standing on the wooden wall):
“This is the……… Awaited night!”
(He then jumped down to the stone road and starts to walk slowly staring at the legengdary faces carved into the rocks.)
“Lord Hashirama.. Lord Tobirama… Lord Sarutobi…. Lord Minato….. Mistress Tsunade…… Lord Kakashi……. And… Lord Naruto Uzumaki……!”
(He whispered and sighed softly.)

[Bushing Voice]

(10 Anbu members appeared suddenly from nowhere surrounding Kyūseishu.)
-1st Anbu member (Walking towards Kyūseishu and stares at him.):
“So…… What are you doing here… In this late time….?”
-Kyūseishu (Calm expressions):
-2nd Anbu member (Looking towards Kyūseishu):
“This road leads out of the village…”
-Kyūseishu (Same expressions):
-3rd Anbu member:
“Aren’t you going to say something..!?”
-2nd Anbu member (Touches his pocket):
“We have an ordor to eliminate you if you refused to come with us..!”
-Kyūseishu (Taking a step forward):
“Try…… To make one of these options happen…!”
-1st Anbu member (Looking at the 2nd Anbu member):
(He then looket back at Kyūseishu)
“………I advise you to come with us peacefully… There is no point of resistance..!”
-Kyūseishu (Takes another step forward):
“I said try to make that happen…!”
-1st Anbu member /The leader/ (Steps backwards raising his right hand up):

[Sounds of weapons unsheathed]

-1st Anbu member. The Leader (Steps back raising his right hand)

[Sound of Weapons unsheathed]

-2nd Anbu member (Rushes towards Kyūseishu with a standard Anbu sword):
-Kyūseishu (sighs still looking forward):
-2nd Anbu member (Waves his sword towards Kyūseishu’s neck as he stopped three feets before him)

[Sound of a sudden collision]

-Kyūseishu (His right hand holding the handle of the sword as it’s blade stops just two inches before reaching his neck):
“……….Too slow!…”
-2nd Anbu member (Widen eyes, trying to pull the sword from Kyūseishu’s hand)
(He then launched a punch towards Kyūseishu’s waist)
-Kyūseishu (Blocks the punch with his left arm as he pulled the sword and throws it away)
-4th Anbu member (Jumps and throws two Kunais at Kyūseishu’s back)
-Kyūseishu (Blinks feeling the two Kunais thrown towards him, his left arm keeps hitting the punch, he then smirks raising his right leg and kicks the 2nd Anbu member member in the stomach sends him flying backwards.
He then slides slightly to the left on one leg dodging the two Kunais.. One of the Kunais passed just one Inch next to him)
-2nd Anbu member (Slamming into the wooden wall):

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