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May 31, 2013 - General

Today my friend asked me how do I become a blogger after he saw my website.

My friend’s Facebook page –


1.Ofcourse first make a website of yours.

2.Install wordpress to ease the way of posting and approving comments.

3.Make a valid RSS(I don’t have a valid one).

4.Give your website a style(use wordpress).

5.No matter what stuff you post,its your website,you can rule it.

6.The last and really the least thing(drumroll please)Have fun and keep posting educational points.



The website contest

My friend asked me to have a contest between novices and beginners and also who have experienced some blogging. I’ll choose between all the websites of those who have participated in the contest. I believe that my friends will come first cuz’ he has experienced 2 years of blogging on


How to participate

You can comment on this post. Also comment the name of your website (Recommended).



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