Not some special………
Today my friend asked me how do I become a blogger after he saw my website. My friend’s Facebook page – [...]
Maps for USD3MOD update no.1
I thought to just keep giving you small test versions one by one till they are completed.Also I will provide more info’s n’ updates after [...]
A basic 2 city wad
Hi guys so welcome back!I just made a basic 2 city wad using doom builder 2 Requirements – Doom 2 IWAD(doom2.wad). skulltag_actors.pk3. [...]
Base Rest and Shop wad.
Hi!Sorry for not releasing Maps for USD3MOD.wad but it’ll be ready soon(uhh…..taking more time from making brutal doom v0.16). -_- But….I [...]
My Quakelive clan page!clans/summary/211340 Today,one of my friends made a seperate clan for one of my friends and me.So I shared my website to them so [...]
Best and easiest way to download doom wads
Google:Index of /Wads then go to the first one, you’ll get many wads such as brutal doom,zdoom wars and others.   Note:It is [...]
My grandfather’s 76th birthday
Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday dear Grandpa.Happy birthday to you.May god bless you.May god bless you.Happy birthday dear [...]
Integra Martin the hell hedgehog’s mobile’s ringtone lyrics
I’m Integra from the hardass hell yeah.I got the BFG9000….. Oh yeah!Everybody goes straight on me and sayin’ [...]
Q3 models link
Here you a models link,its not the exact but google for it: quake . ingame . de/models/index.php
1. Computer Expert 2.Making Fan movie(s) by Toys 3.Writing on Quake Wiki 4.Playing ‘Into Sandy’s City'(Doom 2 Level 09 The Pit) on my [...]