Monthly Archives: June 2012

Best and easiest way to download doom wads
Google:Index of /Wads then go to the first one, you’ll get many wads such as brutal doom,zdoom wars and others.   Note:It is [...]
Quake 5 proof
Dear Quake fans, You are getting excited of Quake 5 release. Go to to see the story. Decline with the second last story [...]
My grandfather’s 76th birthday
Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday dear Grandpa.Happy birthday to you.May god bless you.May god bless you.Happy birthday dear [...]
Integra Martin the hell hedgehog’s mobile’s ringtone lyrics
I’m Integra from the hardass hell yeah.I got the BFG9000….. Oh yeah!Everybody goes straight on me and sayin’ [...]
Q3 models link
Here you a models link,its not the exact but google for it: quake . ingame . de/models/index.php